“Education & Healthcare for all – Road to Endurance, Growth & Prosperity”


Protect youth, improve lives, prevent human suffering by providing education and health care, and create opportunities to alleviate poverty

Desire Life will function towards the:

  • Vision to protect the right of education of every child in Pakistan.
  • Mission to ascertain that every child in Pakistan is allowed a protected childhood, free from child abuse and exploitation, and to ensure the set-up of a child protection management system that warrants access to basic education, health and positive future economic prospects.
  • Work towards providing life skills to single mothers, helpless women and youth to fully integrate into society and become useful human resource for country.


Desire Life will simultaneously gear-up on a three point agenda that includes:

  • Advocacy of child and woman rights,
  • Implementation of child and women protection laws and;
  • The Management of facilities for the Children and Women of Pakistan, i.e. the A.I.M of Desire Life.