Desire Life is an independent, non-governmental organization registered under the Trust Act of Pakistan and Not for Profit Corporations Act of Canada. Desire Life comprehensively addresses the life cycle of impoverished and destitute segments of society by providing them essentials of an individual life, thus tackling national and global challenges of sustainability.

Why do we exist

Street Children is a term used for referring to children experiencing homelessness and who are therefore left with no other choice, but to live on the streets of a city, town or village. Social workers, philanthropists and journalists have been highlighting the problems of child sexual exploitation and child labour in Pakistan for some time now. However, no significant progress has been made in changing the mind-set of the community or in the implementation of any laws that would protect the nation’s vulnerable Street Children. An estimated 1.2 million children are on the streets of Pakistan’s major cities and urban centers. Be it at the federal level or the provincial, child rights or child protection has never been a priority for any of the consecutive Pakistani governments. On the other hand, women who comprise of almost half of the total population, has literacy rate of 49% with almost no protection from government is alarming.  As a result, the situation is only going from bad to worse.



Desire Life will simultaneously gear-up on a three point agenda that includes:

Advocacy of child and woman rights,

Implementation of child and women protection laws and;

The Management of facilities for the Children and Women of Pakistan, i.e. the A.I.M of Desire Life.