In Pakistan, about 25 million children are out of school and approximately 1.2 million of them consign to streets. (Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC)2017). Similarly, the women of the nation are unprotected, under-represented and with little to no education. 

We believe, education brings wisdom of thought and speech, which offers human empowerment that drives change in LIFE. Each of US are obligated to get together to drive this change for the future of this country and world. 

At Desire Life, our mission is to offer Basic Education and Health Care, create opportunities for deprived through Adult Schooling and Technical Training. We at "Desire Life" believe in investing in the development of 'People' and I, along with, YOU have embarked upon a journey to give back to the nations of deprived to minimize the destitute by empowering them through Education.

Nadeem Bajwa

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